JM Technical Services

As a new company we strive to provide the best service possible. Reputation is everything and we need to build that reputation from the ground up.

About Us

While new to the market we have years of personal experience and a desire to assist others. 

Our Services

Unlock Your Business Potential with Our Range of Solutions

Consumer Radio


License free radios that are plug and play for everyone from Children to Adults. Keep in contact with your group in any setting.

Business Radio

Licensed or License Free

Radios that are designed to help your employees keep in touch with each other. These come with plenty of additional features to help your business operate more efficiently.

Land Mobile radio


From fleet communications to off-road security. Vehicle mounted radios enable you to keep those lines of communication open while on the road.

LEt’s Work Together

We Work With Companies and Clients of All Sizes & Types

Let’s be honest, we’re new. So if you need to check some ISO boxes at your company, you should probably find somewhere with more experience meeting those standards. If you want to help out a local small business and give us a chance, we promise to do our absolute best in meeting your needs. Reputation is earned, and we’d love the opportunity to earn it while serving you.

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